Monday, December 19, 2011

Anonymous Argentina: We Run This!

Anonymous Argentina

3:10 pm

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Protest against the Cult of $cientology

By Eevey for Anonymous Argentina

The Beginning of the End

When Petete and I (Eevey)  arrived at ten minutes past three p.m. we were shocked to find two new Anons waiting across the street from the morgue.

They called themselfs "L" and "Someone".

L had arrived at the morgue (the cult) a few minutes before 3 pm and got to watch as Libardi, the President of the Cult of Scientology in Argentina and the head of OSA also known as the Office of Special Affairs literally ran away from him and quickly grabbed two women from the org and quickly disappeared off before we (Petete and I) got there. However, we think we know why and fortunately L took some photos.

The one with the grey hair trying to hide is Libardi.
It's kinda like where's Waldo lol.

The other new Anon introduced himself as "Someone" and he came to the protest despite having his arm in a sling from having just had surgery on the tendons in his arm. This guy was hardcore and to my surprise and delight he printed the fliers I had made.

Libardi must not of informed all of his followers because shortly after we had set up for the party two Scientologist showed up at the door. The first looked rather confused she tried to open the door of the org but failed to do so and that's when she looked around and saw us across the street. She kinda half smiled at me and I being the friendly femanon I am said "hola" and waved and she waved back to me giving me a half smile and then decided to call someone, our best guess was that she called Libardi because she quickly took off. We also showed off the sign I made. 
Kevin Anonarg standing in front of the Morge with the sign 
I made which reads "The Cult of Scientology protects pedophiles.

The other Scientologist showed up at the org obviously pissed to see that we had shut down the org quickly ran into the kiosk next to the org and ran off looking truly annoyed.

The Faker and the Singer

Then a crazy old lady showed up (we guess she was a Scientologist) and she screamed at us claiming that people are welcome to do whatever they want and I just thought "Sure, they are "free" to murder, abuse minors and hold people against their will" (sarcasm), but despite Petete trying to calmly talk to her for several minutes she kept insisting that we where "denying the rights of others" and she didn't just come by once, she came back again to make sure we knew that she was "Catholic" and had been in the org once and that they were "nice"Black Rolling Eyes Smiley 

And almost to prove the craziness of the supposed "Catholic" woman Kevin walks across the street and talks with Catholics next door and many could hardly believe that they were next to the satanic cult of Scientology who's founder said that " There was no Christ" and claimed that Jesus was a pedophile.

We where also given a concert by an extremely intoxicated singer who almost got himself ran over by a car. 

Libardi's Gift

Petete and I brought Libardi a present but he wasn't there to receive it. Some Grinch he turned out to be but hey he is a Scientologist. 

We got him a fashion that's worn by Scientologist the world over even when they are not aware. We got him a sheep mask.

"Happiness" Guy

We were disappointed to find that Libardi had handed us off to be handled by a goon from the way to happiness, the goon illegally parked not once but twice to keep an eye on us, but not all was lost we gave him a flier and at the very least he took it but Petete scared him off with his suppressive powers. 

The Neighood's Disgust

Everyone from all over the neighborhood looked at our sign and our fliers in both amazement and disgust.

Needless to say, WE RUN THIS.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What I have been up to


Hi everyone, I have been working a lot this past week. I made a new account called Chanology Leaks with this channel I will be putting out more information by spreading leaks from the Church of Scientology on it. It already has one leak.

And I created a Facebook group for Chanology Leaks and I made some fliers.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Anonymous Argentina: Scientology Book Burn with Petete and Eevey

On October 26, Petete and I got rid of my old Free Zone certificates and Scientology Books, Dianetics and A History of Man, in one of the best ways I can think of ... we set them on FIRE!

 Petete and I.

And as I watched the flames engulf the words of a liar, a con man, a wife beater and a drug addict, the words that I for three years considered so sacred that I signed a billion year contract to protect and spread; I felt myself feeling more freer, and more liberated than I had been and personally  I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone other than Petete, the one who opened my eyes and got me out of the Free Zone. Thank you, I love you Petete <3. 

I love you, Petete!

If anyone out there watching this video is in or is thinking about joining the "Free Zone" of the "Church" of Scientology please do more research. If you are in there are ways out.

Here are some websites to help with your search:

Here is part one :) 
And Part Two 

Thank you Petete for taking the time to translate the video to Spanish and going through the task of editing the video and for being patient with me while teaching me the editing program and for being patient with me though all of this, I love you

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anonymous Argentina

Anonymous Argentina

3:00 pm

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Protest against the Cult of $cientology

By Petete and Eevey for
Anonymous Argentina

When the first four Anons (Petete, Eevey, Julietta and Coco) arrived a bit before 3pm, this past sunny and glorious saturday at the corner of Marcelo T de Alvear and Ayacucho. Petete noticed that Libardi was waiting for us filming our arrival. Petete pointed out Libardi to the other Anons and as a result, Libardi hurried to the org. However, before Libardi was able to make it to the org, Petete quickly turned on the megaphone and screamed " We are comming for you, Libardi!".

Libardi (the head of Scientology in Argentina and head of OSA) went inside the org and we went across the street and took over the sidewalk and the front entrance - which this time they didn't close at anytime nor the windows-, and a bit later Libardi came out and approached Petete and they had the following conversation:

Gustavo Libardi: Your Mexican friend is sending us death threats with your name.

Petete: Oh, yeah? I don't think so because he doesn't know my name. What is my name Libardi?

Gustavo Libardi: Your name is Petete.

Petete: Petete and what else? What's my last name?

Of course he did not answer, he came back to the silence with which he thinks he is confronting us but Petete kept talking with him asking him why he sent people to follow some Anon's after the last protest which was useless because they did not follow them home. thats why Petete said " You don't know where we live but we know where you live, Libardi", which seemed to entubulate him a lot.

A couple stopped at the table where we set Eeveys laptop and played music and videos about the subject, and they atarted to ask questions to Julietta like "Why do you wear mask? At least they show their faces. How can we belive someone who doesn't show their face?", ect. The tone of the questions made it obvious they were $cientologist and they also seemed to have a very strong opinion already formed in their minds. Petete approached them and started to answer their questions, and less than a minute later Libardi showed up in the entrance and waved for them to come inside the org, which they did smiling like the good and happy slaves they are.

Besides seeing other minors inside cult, we noticed one who was working at the front desk with the telephones next to Libardi.

Then Eevey noticed that Libardi was trying to hide from Anonymous by sitting in the hallway, where he filmed them. Eevey also noticed him smile then as if excited that he had found this new hidding place but what he didn't realize then, is that Eevey saw him quite plainly and took several pictures of him hidding and she kept asking him, " Why are you hidding?" (of course she never got an answer) but when he noticed that his hidding spot had failed he just hid behind his camera and his smile vanished.

The cult called the police as usual however the police soon realized who the real criminals were and realized that Anonymous Argentina was peaceful.

Although there were many Scientologist comming in and out of the org, Eevey (an ex-so) recognized a Sea Org member from when she was in. We also noticed that the org had shipped in Sea Org members from around the world to give the aperance of being full.

Eevey played part of the lecture from Hubbard which told the Xenu story and, as what appears to be a result of this Libardi comes out to speak with the police and invites them inside to talk. Then, when the police came out, one of the Loyal Officers warned Petete about the possibility of Libardi comming out to beat us with a stick. Petete told him to do it and then the Loyal Officer asked about Xenu but was called away before he could hear the entire story.

The only possible conclusion that we were able to come up with was that Libardi was enturbulated by us publically playing the Xenu Story. Libardi looked sick, tired and defeated with his clothes looking very worn out. His sweater looked stretched out and old and his pants looked like he had accidently mixed up his pants and his sons girlfriends as you can clearly see in this photo and soon in video.

There were 8 anons at the protest, Petete, Eevey, Julietta, Coco, Core, Iggy, Jess, and Jess's boyfriend.

Anonymous Argentina Post-Game Report (Spanish)

New job :)

Hey guys,
I was made the "official" photographer of Anonymous Argentina. The protest was epic and I took some great pictures of both AA, the Scientologist and our dear friends the cops.

Here are the photos I took.

Petete and I will be posting the post game soon and its sure to be great.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Petition against the Cult of Scientology

So, isn't it interesting that the cult of Scientology has yet to be investigated by the United States, where its more popular and more countries are begining to pick up where the US fails. But why, Scientology is more popular in the US than in most places and yet it commits its illegal actions on US soil in Califorina, in Florida where its major centers are located. So why does the gverment not take action?
Several have come forward. Many Ex's, many critics have beggeed for the cult to be investigated.
And now 

A new petion

Please, please, please sign and spread and far and wide as you can.
Let, family, friends and everyone else know and sign it.
You can still be anonymous, just make up a fake name, or use your initials if you like
Also, It does not matter if you are not a citizen in the united states you can still sign it.
The links are right below the Tory's video which is linked above.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hey everyone,

I just arrived in Argentina and besides seeing a bit around Buenos Aires I have also been learning about the Cult of Scientologys current activities and infiltration into the Argentinian goverment.

Evidently, the head of OSA, Libardi likes to get chummy with some goverment officials.

However, his latest best friend, Gustavo Altieri the president of Youth for Human Rights (a known Scientology front group) is trying to claim ownership of the organization in Argentina.

Seems like the next protest will be soon and I cannot wait. Ill be bringing caek, and no my caek is not a lie.

Portal Cake Icon

Anyway, so all is well here in Argentina.


For more info about the Cults involvement in the Argentinian goverment visit:


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

L. Ron Hubbard in his own words part II

 On youtube

Once more another video created by yours truly that shows L. Ron's crazy side in his own words. Making the videos like this are a mixture of fun and realization for me. I hope you all like it.

Quotes we're taken from:
Why We Protest

My Goddess by The Exies
**I do not own the song

gathered from Google

Why I got involved in Scientology

Probably one of the most important questions to ask yourself when you get out of a cult like Scientology is why you got involved in the first place. This is something I've been looking at for the past week or so. So, why did I get involved with Scientology? It's simple. I was looking for answers, that no one else was giving me but I learned the hard way that no one has all the answers.

I skimmed through rows and rows of books on religion and philosophy in the library until a book caught my eye. A book with a volcano on it. Dianetics.

I checked it out and read it. It made some sense and struck my interest. So, I decided to call the org near me and soon I was on course. You see, the cult just goes after people who are looking for answers and digs their claws into their brains until they are putty.

Scientology's tactic's of love bombing, of false promises and lies leads people into blindingly believing what everyone else is. Their tactics of Disconnection cuts off anyone who opposes the groups beliefs and makes leaving Scientology difficult, but these are basic tactics that most cults have.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

David Miscavage Nightline interview part 2

David tries to give the wrap around on Scientology and goes into the typical Scientology ramblings.

Then he starts lying again the money from the cult pays for everything he has and owns. Those fancy suits do not buy themselves.

He also makes kinda a dick of himself when he says that the cult has done more than any other church mainly because there's no way to prove this.

Message to the Church of Scientology

Dear Church of Scientology,

I was once among your blinded followers believing everything I was told and ignoring what was going on around me. I was so devoted that I signed a billion year contract a decision that made me see the darker and truly insane side of your organization. It was this decision that made me watch as a young man screamed and moaned within the confides of ISO at PAC while no one helped and merely watched as he withered to nothing and made me have to protect the younger girls around me from Executive's who thought that they could get away with anything.

You claim to be the "most ethical" people on the planet but I ask you, what is so ethical about murder, what is so ethical about sexual harassment and rape, what is so ethical about intimidation?
Well, I refuse to sit back any longer, I do not find this to be ethical behavior and you have been proven time and time again to of allowed these monstrosities to occur without paying for them.
I make this promise to you now, I will help in aiding the destruction of your organization. Your time is running out your membership is at an all time low.

Your Ideal org's are empty, there are more ex sea org members than sea org members and staff members are constantly blowing. Your course rooms and auditing rooms are empty and you have no where to turn.
Your destruction is emanate and on that day I hope to watch as each and every book written by the con man, L. Ron Hubbard is burned to a crisp.

Scientology will be destroyed.

What happened to Lisa McPherson?

Lisa McPherson was born on February 10, 1959 but she crossed paths with the Church of Scientology and spent over 170000 dollars on courses and auditing that she was told that she needed to be "truly happy".

Lisa got involved in a small car accident where she was not hurt physically but, she got out of her car and took her clothes off and appeared to be mentally unstable. She was taken to the hospital and found to be unharmed physically however the doctors believed that it would be best for her to go under psychosocial care. However, Scientology loudly opposes psychology and psychiatry seeing those who practice in this field as being kin to demons and so some Scientologists arrived and stated that Lisa did not believe in psychiatry and she was quickly checked out after a short evaluation and left with the Scientologists against her doctor's advice.

She was taken to the Fort Harrison Hotel, a was put in Room 174 for "rest and relaxation" according to the church, but church logs from Lisa's stay there state thatfrom November 18 to her death on December 5 show that Lisa was put on the Introspection Rundown, a Rundown that that Scientology uses to handle those who have had a psychotic break.

Some logs from her stay are missing, and a high ranking ex-Scientologist has written an affidavit in which he claims that the church has in the past destroyed documents that might get the church in trouble and Marty Rathbun, a former high-ranking Scientologist, revealed that he was responsible for the missing logs saying that he ordered them to be destoryed.

As a response to Lisa's death, her family sued The Church of Scientology and individuals involved for wrongful death, all while the Church of Scientology claimed it did nothing wrong regarding Lisa but pictures of her dehydrated and cockroach bitten body prove otherwise.

On June 12, 2000 the criminal charges were dropped against Scientology because or so the prosecutor claimed that the medical examiner could not be counted on to confidently testify, even though the criminal charges were practicing medicine without a license.

So one has to wonder why was this allowed? And whats more, whats to stop the Church of Scientology from killing again?

The answer is a grim one, no one.

That is, unless this cult is stopped they could kill again. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

L. Ron Hubbard in his own words

Alas, what can be said of L. Ron, the pill popper, the wife beater, the criminal, and ultimately what we all know him and loathe him for his creation of the cult of $cientology  which to this days still ensnares and traps people within the confines of false promises and crimes.

 Here in his own word's we can see the true  and sinister side that the cult tries so desperately to keep hidden.

Well, they better know now, the word is out L. Ron was a con man.

The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard

In 1967, this important documentary about the founder of Scientology was broadcasted its  a rare and valuable case where L. Ron Hubbard was interviewed by an outside news crew.

The reporter obviously irritates Hubbard to no end during the interview and the reporter did not fail to point out that Hubbard made no sense when he asked what Scientology is.

And what's more the reporter really dug into and asked Hubbard directly about Fair Game, which seemed to make Hubbard even more angry.

Something else I noticed was that every time Hubbard lied he blinked, and he blinks incessantly throughout the entirety of his interview.

I've watched this documentary at a couple of different points in my life. The first time was when I had just gotten out of the Sea Org, and I thought it was just awful and then again after I left the FeeZone and once more now, that I realize I wasted my time on Scientology.

It's truly interesting to see how I have changed and I keep going forward, digging out new information and spreading it as far as I can.


Friday, September 9, 2011

David Miscavage Nightline interview part 1

Oh gawd its like watching a train wreck; you want to look away but you just can't as the head of the cult of Scientology tries to make himself and Scientology look like "the way to freedom". Throughout the entire interview you can almost feel like he is hiding something. However, I did not make this entry to belittle the man (I do not have to he does it himself.) but rather to point out his lies so as the public is truly informed of the type of man he is.

David Miscavage states in the beginning that Scientology's numbers have doubled however in actual fact they have reduced dramatically and the number of Ex-Scientologist continue  to grow.

 I think one of the only few true things he said was that he did not think that Scientology lends itself very well to the press and that's an understatement if there ever was one. Death, murder, brain washing, coverups, and espionage that's what Scientology does and that's what they try so desperately to hide but when you get a good journalist in there things get stirred up and the cult hates that and as such proceeds to destroy the journalist as they tried to do with John Sweeny, when he did his documentaries with the BBC on Scientology.

Then David Miscavage goes to dig himself a bigger hole and claims that all the detractors who left are part of a terrorist organization (sound familiar)but this can be easily explained by L. Ron Hubbard himself:

In this policy letter Hubbard orders Scientologist to destroy enemies, they call us suppressive people, or SP for short and to do what ever they can to get rid of us. However, this policy no longer really works because over time people start to go against what keeps pushing them down and there will always be people who will not break no matter what and those are the people who keep going who open the doors so others can speak out too.

They (the reporter) makes a good point, at the time this interview was conducted people were scared to speak out about Scientology however, with the invention and board use of the internet, speaking out and protesting the cult of Scientology has gotten a lot easier, and David Miscavage knows it.

 Above is Part one of the night line interview.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

hello all

*note: this is not for the squeemish*

So, how is everyone? This is the start of a new blog against the evil cult of Scientology and with that being said I would like to thank any readers out there for coming to check out my blog and I hope to have it running for quite sometime.

Anyway, a bit about me. My name is Eevey Fawkes and I am currently involved in Project Chanology, that is, the plan to take down a cruel and sinister cult that steals, murders and permits all kinda of abuses (so just in general bad people).

As for the countless murder's committed by the Cult, it is an ever growing number in both suicides, murder, and false promises. Probably one of the most known murder's committed by the church is that of Lisa McPherson.

On the 5th of December 1995, Lisa was found dead upon arrival at a hospital that was 45 minutes north of Clearwater, Florida where she was held against her will at the Scientology owned Fort Harrison Hotel without food or water and left to have cockroaches ate her alive. According to the Autopsy Report, Lisa was underweight, severely dehydrated, and had bruises and bug bites all over her body as you can see in these pictures. 

 For the rest of Lisa's autopsy photos go here. Her "caregivers" (Scientologist) choose to pass three hospital's where she could have received proper medical treatment and quite possibly could have saved her life in the process, but no, the went to a hospital that was further away and had a Scientologist Doctor on staff.

And so, Lisa died needlessly because of the Church of Scientology. 

For more about the death's commited by Scientology visit:

The cults list of crimes is huge and blatant and I willingly look for an investigation of the cult of Scientology.

See my message to them here