Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Petition against the Cult of Scientology

So, isn't it interesting that the cult of Scientology has yet to be investigated by the United States, where its more popular and more countries are begining to pick up where the US fails. But why, Scientology is more popular in the US than in most places and yet it commits its illegal actions on US soil in Califorina, in Florida where its major centers are located. So why does the gverment not take action?
Several have come forward. Many Ex's, many critics have beggeed for the cult to be investigated.
And now 

A new petion

Please, please, please sign and spread and far and wide as you can.
Let, family, friends and everyone else know and sign it.
You can still be anonymous, just make up a fake name, or use your initials if you like
Also, It does not matter if you are not a citizen in the united states you can still sign it.
The links are right below the Tory's video which is linked above.

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