Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why I got involved in Scientology

Probably one of the most important questions to ask yourself when you get out of a cult like Scientology is why you got involved in the first place. This is something I've been looking at for the past week or so. So, why did I get involved with Scientology? It's simple. I was looking for answers, that no one else was giving me but I learned the hard way that no one has all the answers.

I skimmed through rows and rows of books on religion and philosophy in the library until a book caught my eye. A book with a volcano on it. Dianetics.

I checked it out and read it. It made some sense and struck my interest. So, I decided to call the org near me and soon I was on course. You see, the cult just goes after people who are looking for answers and digs their claws into their brains until they are putty.

Scientology's tactic's of love bombing, of false promises and lies leads people into blindingly believing what everyone else is. Their tactics of Disconnection cuts off anyone who opposes the groups beliefs and makes leaving Scientology difficult, but these are basic tactics that most cults have.

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