Sunday, September 11, 2011

Message to the Church of Scientology

Dear Church of Scientology,

I was once among your blinded followers believing everything I was told and ignoring what was going on around me. I was so devoted that I signed a billion year contract a decision that made me see the darker and truly insane side of your organization. It was this decision that made me watch as a young man screamed and moaned within the confides of ISO at PAC while no one helped and merely watched as he withered to nothing and made me have to protect the younger girls around me from Executive's who thought that they could get away with anything.

You claim to be the "most ethical" people on the planet but I ask you, what is so ethical about murder, what is so ethical about sexual harassment and rape, what is so ethical about intimidation?
Well, I refuse to sit back any longer, I do not find this to be ethical behavior and you have been proven time and time again to of allowed these monstrosities to occur without paying for them.
I make this promise to you now, I will help in aiding the destruction of your organization. Your time is running out your membership is at an all time low.

Your Ideal org's are empty, there are more ex sea org members than sea org members and staff members are constantly blowing. Your course rooms and auditing rooms are empty and you have no where to turn.
Your destruction is emanate and on that day I hope to watch as each and every book written by the con man, L. Ron Hubbard is burned to a crisp.

Scientology will be destroyed.

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