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Anonymous Argentina: We Run This!

Anonymous Argentina

3:10 pm

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Protest against the Cult of $cientology

By Eevey for Anonymous Argentina

The Beginning of the End

When Petete and I (Eevey)  arrived at ten minutes past three p.m. we were shocked to find two new Anons waiting across the street from the morgue.

They called themselfs "L" and "Someone".

L had arrived at the morgue (the cult) a few minutes before 3 pm and got to watch as Libardi, the President of the Cult of Scientology in Argentina and the head of OSA also known as the Office of Special Affairs literally ran away from him and quickly grabbed two women from the org and quickly disappeared off before we (Petete and I) got there. However, we think we know why and fortunately L took some photos.

The one with the grey hair trying to hide is Libardi.
It's kinda like where's Waldo lol.

The other new Anon introduced himself as "Someone" and he came to the protest despite having his arm in a sling from having just had surgery on the tendons in his arm. This guy was hardcore and to my surprise and delight he printed the fliers I had made.

Libardi must not of informed all of his followers because shortly after we had set up for the party two Scientologist showed up at the door. The first looked rather confused she tried to open the door of the org but failed to do so and that's when she looked around and saw us across the street. She kinda half smiled at me and I being the friendly femanon I am said "hola" and waved and she waved back to me giving me a half smile and then decided to call someone, our best guess was that she called Libardi because she quickly took off. We also showed off the sign I made. 
Kevin Anonarg standing in front of the Morge with the sign 
I made which reads "The Cult of Scientology protects pedophiles.

The other Scientologist showed up at the org obviously pissed to see that we had shut down the org quickly ran into the kiosk next to the org and ran off looking truly annoyed.

The Faker and the Singer

Then a crazy old lady showed up (we guess she was a Scientologist) and she screamed at us claiming that people are welcome to do whatever they want and I just thought "Sure, they are "free" to murder, abuse minors and hold people against their will" (sarcasm), but despite Petete trying to calmly talk to her for several minutes she kept insisting that we where "denying the rights of others" and she didn't just come by once, she came back again to make sure we knew that she was "Catholic" and had been in the org once and that they were "nice"Black Rolling Eyes Smiley 

And almost to prove the craziness of the supposed "Catholic" woman Kevin walks across the street and talks with Catholics next door and many could hardly believe that they were next to the satanic cult of Scientology who's founder said that " There was no Christ" and claimed that Jesus was a pedophile.

We where also given a concert by an extremely intoxicated singer who almost got himself ran over by a car. 

Libardi's Gift

Petete and I brought Libardi a present but he wasn't there to receive it. Some Grinch he turned out to be but hey he is a Scientologist. 

We got him a fashion that's worn by Scientologist the world over even when they are not aware. We got him a sheep mask.

"Happiness" Guy

We were disappointed to find that Libardi had handed us off to be handled by a goon from the way to happiness, the goon illegally parked not once but twice to keep an eye on us, but not all was lost we gave him a flier and at the very least he took it but Petete scared him off with his suppressive powers. 

The Neighood's Disgust

Everyone from all over the neighborhood looked at our sign and our fliers in both amazement and disgust.

Needless to say, WE RUN THIS.

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