Friday, September 9, 2011

David Miscavage Nightline interview part 1

Oh gawd its like watching a train wreck; you want to look away but you just can't as the head of the cult of Scientology tries to make himself and Scientology look like "the way to freedom". Throughout the entire interview you can almost feel like he is hiding something. However, I did not make this entry to belittle the man (I do not have to he does it himself.) but rather to point out his lies so as the public is truly informed of the type of man he is.

David Miscavage states in the beginning that Scientology's numbers have doubled however in actual fact they have reduced dramatically and the number of Ex-Scientologist continue  to grow.

 I think one of the only few true things he said was that he did not think that Scientology lends itself very well to the press and that's an understatement if there ever was one. Death, murder, brain washing, coverups, and espionage that's what Scientology does and that's what they try so desperately to hide but when you get a good journalist in there things get stirred up and the cult hates that and as such proceeds to destroy the journalist as they tried to do with John Sweeny, when he did his documentaries with the BBC on Scientology.

Then David Miscavage goes to dig himself a bigger hole and claims that all the detractors who left are part of a terrorist organization (sound familiar)but this can be easily explained by L. Ron Hubbard himself:

In this policy letter Hubbard orders Scientologist to destroy enemies, they call us suppressive people, or SP for short and to do what ever they can to get rid of us. However, this policy no longer really works because over time people start to go against what keeps pushing them down and there will always be people who will not break no matter what and those are the people who keep going who open the doors so others can speak out too.

They (the reporter) makes a good point, at the time this interview was conducted people were scared to speak out about Scientology however, with the invention and board use of the internet, speaking out and protesting the cult of Scientology has gotten a lot easier, and David Miscavage knows it.

 Above is Part one of the night line interview.

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