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Anonymous Argentina Protest on the 28th of January against the cult known as "The Church of Scientology" to boycott the fundraising for their Ideal Org

Welcome to the Party

We (Petete, Julieta, and myself)  arrived at 6:30 P.M. and moments later we met up with L who told us that Gustavo Adolfo Libardi, the President of the Cult of Scientology and it's Office of Special Affairs here in Argentina had pushed him and showed us this video that he took.

Not only did Libardi push L but he also told him: 

You don’t know the report we made to the police, you will all go to jail for following Petete” 

Then he goes on to say that the sidewalk belongs to him, except it doesn't. The sidewalks here are free for anyone to walk on but hey, tell that to the most “ethical people on the planet”.

"You are a Pedofile"

Then a bit later, Petete asked Libardi

"You are a pedophile" claims Libardi to Petete.
Petete: How do you feel covering pedophiles and the entire country knowing it?

Libardi: You are a pedophile.

Petete: How do you know?

Libardi: I found out.

Petete: Yes? Because you are a Scientologist? You found out in an auditing delusion Libardi?

Libardi: You will know

What exactly Petete "will know" is that Libardi was simply bluffing. However, he was doing a very bad job of it, seeing how his voice and hands where trembling during the entire conversation but that's just like Scientology; if you point out a crime of theirs they will try to paint you as the guilty one. 

Are you with us?

Then, about an hour into the protest Petete see's an old woman Gloria Martinez (who works for one of the cults anti-drug front groups) being put on the e-meter and after her, Javier Rodriguez (who lives in La Plata and does work in advertising and in the press) and what was strange was that both were only put on the meter for a minute. 

But that was not the strangest thing, the donors list had the following text on top:

We are going to clear the planet and we need your attendance and commitment. 

Are you with us? 

Come Saturday 28 of January 2012 7:30 pm to ORG BUE

Crazy Delusional Libardi

Libardi then accuses Petete of trespassing and he tells Petete that it is the second time we did it. The first was -supposedly- when Libardi pushed L. The thing is we we never trespassed. Petete was on the sidewalk just as L was and no, the sidewalk does not belong to the cult. The street and sidewalk are free for all and that includes Anonymous Argentina.

There were seven anon's: Petete, Eevey, Julieta, Someone, 
 L (who took this picture) Mix down, and 
another anon (who left early)
And in one of the moments when Libardi was going to run back inside like a scared little child feeling enturbulated (and wondering why the tech was not working) Petete says "Libardi protects pedophiles" (something that is well known by many), Libardi looks at Petete and laughs and Petete askedYou laugh when the pedophiles abuses?” and to this Libardi replied “Did they do that to you when you were a kid?” and smiles. Petete replied “No, but for sure they did that to you, and you to someone else”.


L showed us the fliers he got from outside the building before we arrived. One of which proves their illegal practice of medicine (Stress Test), and other scams like “The problems of work”. 

Doormen: The Eye's and Ear's 

L informed us that a doorman from across the street had told him that they had been bringing lots of chairs and food since the morning. We have no idea what they did with all that food, because we know for our informants that in the last protest, many members of the cult didn't enter the building because they saw us there and this time that was blatantly evident. We calculate that only 10 people (being generous) entered the building, when they expected more than 60, from what we could see on the board in the reception.

The Swine Come for Gold

The cops arrived and at first they seemed to be polite. Petete described the reasons of our protests (child abuse, illegal practice of medicine, people locked up in the room they built without a permit on the roof blocking neighbor windows, etc), and then they started to request our identities. Naturally, we refused, we were protesting, not filling police reports, we didn’t even call them. It’s curious how ever since the new years protest the police's attitude towards us changed so drastically all of a sudden, being aggressive, making fun of us and requesting our identities.

Petete vs. Javier Rodriguez

In the middle of the conversation with cops, Javier Rodriguez told Petete to remove his mask, saying that he was not a person wearing it, that he was a ghost. Javier, also told him that Gloria Martinez, worked against drugs and asked Petete what he did to help society? Can you imagine? What has Petete, Petete done to help society? He has informed the masses by translating documentaries, and protests, by filming and researching and most importantly by saving people like myself from Scientology for 3 years. And, this bald uneducated idiot, who cannot even pronounce the name of his cult correctly, has the audacity to ask him what he has done for society. The simple answer is Petete does more for society in one hour than most people will do in their entire life's all while helping those who truly need it.  

But, that's not all, Javier Rodriguez started to threaten Petete after he asked, “What happened in Australia” with Jan Eastgate charges for perverting the course of justice and covering child abuse. As a parallel, Jan Eastgate is the head of the same Scientology front group that Libardi presides here, “Citizen Commission for Human Rights”. Javier Rodriguez threaten Petete by saying that if Petete posted the video he took on the net and then wrote about Scientology's political connections here in Argentina that he would take Petete's mask or zoom (from his camera) and shove them up his ass and all the time the cops just stood there, doing nothing to detain a violent threatening member of the cult (Javier Rodriguez).

Gustavo Adolfo Libardi

Libardi later told Julieta (in a very gay way) “Don’t touch me”, and when he complained about being touched we reminded him about when he pushed L on the street, and he replied by lying saying that L tried to trespass and called him a “sick person” but when we reminded him that it was on camera he looked worried.

Then a bit later Libardi stole my sign by ripping it aggressively and forcefully from my hands. I stayed calm and asked him to give it back but he just hid it behind his back until finally a cop had to tell him to give it back. I got it back but it was destroyed. But, that doesn't matter, I am going to make a better sign than before (just for you Libardi).

The cops had many polite conversations with Libardi, but with us the attitude was different, underestimating the incidents, making fun of us, and giving their own interpretation of the Argentina’s Penal Code. They saw violent acts and instead of arresting them in the moment and protecting us, they told us that we should identify ourselves if we wanted them to do something. And once more the Federal Argentinian Police disappointed us, making it evident that they can be bought by the highest bidder.

The People

Despite the corrupt cops covering the cult the people clearly supported us, from the bystanders who stop to talk to us, to the ones who only said supportive words as they walked by, to the ones who stayed with us through most of the protest all showed their support. 

Eevey and Petete with the provider of the Kiosk.

Ending the Party

We were there for six hours, SIX HOURS! The first night protest of Anonymous Argentina and also our longest protest. In fact it was so long Libardi was asking us when we were planing on leaving because he wanted to go home and asked if we were going to sleep out there. 

Our next protest is on Saturday, February 25, 2012

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anonymous Argentina: Op Ideal Org Recon Mission

The 29 of december of 2011 Petete from Anonymous Argentina
got a leak from an Informant
inside the cult "Church of Scientology",
who gave him the news about the fundraiser event
to remodel the building purchased to be
its "Ideal Org", and it’s mailing campaign.

We posted the leak and protested on the 31 of December.
Days later, Eevey found the address of the building and we
decided to go for a Recon Mission.

We found that:

The building located at Sarmiento 1374 of the city of Buenos Aires was the "Societa Unione Operai Italiani", a jewel of the Art Nouveau created by the architect Virgino Columbo and the constructor David Graffigna. It’s a beautiful building with elegant statues, that looks like it has been abandoned for decades and it’s completely destroyed. It's Graffiti shows that it has been squatted. There were Beer bottles littered in the front, broken street signs and closed shops all around the block.

After the recon, Petete and Eevey continued
researching the history of the building, and found:

That the building was protected by the Law
of the City of Buenos Aires #2797 from 2008.

A wikipedia article:

An article from the Clarín newspaper
published on the 16 of April of 2010


Televised Newscasts from Telenoche and TN
on the 1st of June of 2011

Even being protected as a historical patrimony,
forbidding to demolish or change its original shape,
the building was illegally sold, allowing the buyers
to do whatever they wish with it.

The cult already shows blatant disrespect for Argentina
in their Class V org -located at Ayacucho 1050- by treating
the Argentinian flag like a rag, draping it twisted and dirty
over their air conditioner, while the Scientology flag nicely
hangs clean and flat.

If they treat the national flag that way, imagine how they
would treat this priceless treasure of Argentinian history.

Their next fundraising event will be on Saturday
the 25th of February at 6:30 P.M. at Ayacucho 1050.

We invite you to join us in peaceful protest against
this pedophile cult at 6 P.M. to boycott it.

Research and video by Petete and Eevey
for Anonymous Argentina.

Special thanks to our informants
inside the cult for all their help.

More information at:

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