Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lisa Marie Presley Leaves Scientology

Scientology's Celebrity Center in Hollywood. 

At the age of 17, Lisa Marie Presley was sent to Narconon, located inside Scientology’s Celebrity Center in Hollywood (by her mother Priscilla Presley)  where she would later suffer from high cholesterol and risk the possibility of having a heart attack or stroke.  However, this did not stop her from continuing inside the cult, which her father proclaimed was a  SOB group that only wanted his money. Unfortunately, many trillions of dollars of the King’s wealth went to Scientology for Lisa’s auditing and courses ( she was an OT and an auditor).  Recently, Lisa has come out with a new album called Storm and Grace that seems to be proclaiming her exit from Scientology and stating that the cult had  been a waste of her time and money and that it only held her back. Despite her having spent 27 years inside the brainwashing cult she speaks out in a way that not only shows her true ability as an artist but as the brave woman she is. 
"That S.O.B group -
all they want is my money"
~Elvis Presley

When Lisa Marie first entered the cult she was so desperate to live nearby that she paid $1.5 million dollars for a house at 1100 North Osceola Ave now she has since sold her multimillion dollar mansions for a new home and a new life in England. Although she is being bashed for leaving the United States one thing I would like to remind those who are so against her is that Lisa was under constant watch by the cult at one point she was so surrounded by Sea Org members anyone who tried to get near her to talk would be pushed away and during her stays at the hospital Scientology’s babysitter’s for the star would even get in the bed with her. So, back off, she is leaving a controlling and manipulative cult of which will most likely declare her a Suppressive Person and disconnect her from her family and friends and despite all of that she is singing out and showing the world her true face. 

In her single You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet, she throws subtle slaps against the cult and shows the world her true strength as a singer and songwriter.

In this bluesy heart provoking song she talks about how she is releasing herself from the binds of Scientology by claiming that she simply doesn't care if they think she is Suppressive or unethical which is a big step toward coming back to the real world

Then as if to confirm her exit from Scientology she releases another song called So Long, (which I must say is one of my favorites on the album) and in this song all of her subtleness disappears as she proclaims “Churches, they don’t have have a soul, soup for sale without a bowl, religion so corrupt and running lives” and then as if to reaffirm the fact that she doesn’t care what her old Scientologist friends think she sings on saying “Farewell, fair weathered friends I can’t say I’ll miss you in the end”. I personally love the album and I am overjoyed that Lisa has decided to leave the cult. Her album is out now and available on itunes.

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  1. My daughter ran away earlier this year & is heaviliy involved in scientology. She is 18 years old, just had an audit & now is asking for $1500 from me for her purification. My gut instict was telling me 'no'. Now I am completely convinced this would not be good for her health. How do I help her to see this is not healthy for her at all!?

    1. Do not give her the money for the purification! They are dangerous and are known to cause serious health risk, including heat exhaustion, breathing difficulties and liver damage.
      Here is a critical analyse of the Purification rundown
      I also recommend that you google and find your own information on the subject.
      As for general information about the Cult of Scientology I recommend you check out these websites

      Here it expains what is wrong with Scientology