Saturday, November 12, 2011

Anonymous Argentina: Scientology Book Burn with Petete and Eevey

On October 26, Petete and I got rid of my old Free Zone certificates and Scientology Books, Dianetics and A History of Man, in one of the best ways I can think of ... we set them on FIRE!

 Petete and I.

And as I watched the flames engulf the words of a liar, a con man, a wife beater and a drug addict, the words that I for three years considered so sacred that I signed a billion year contract to protect and spread; I felt myself feeling more freer, and more liberated than I had been and personally  I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone other than Petete, the one who opened my eyes and got me out of the Free Zone. Thank you, I love you Petete <3. 

I love you, Petete!

If anyone out there watching this video is in or is thinking about joining the "Free Zone" of the "Church" of Scientology please do more research. If you are in there are ways out.

Here are some websites to help with your search:

Here is part one :) 
And Part Two 

Thank you Petete for taking the time to translate the video to Spanish and going through the task of editing the video and for being patient with me while teaching me the editing program and for being patient with me though all of this, I love you

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