Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anonymous Argentina

Anonymous Argentina

3:00 pm

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Protest against the Cult of $cientology

By Petete and Eevey for
Anonymous Argentina

When the first four Anons (Petete, Eevey, Julietta and Coco) arrived a bit before 3pm, this past sunny and glorious saturday at the corner of Marcelo T de Alvear and Ayacucho. Petete noticed that Libardi was waiting for us filming our arrival. Petete pointed out Libardi to the other Anons and as a result, Libardi hurried to the org. However, before Libardi was able to make it to the org, Petete quickly turned on the megaphone and screamed " We are comming for you, Libardi!".

Libardi (the head of Scientology in Argentina and head of OSA) went inside the org and we went across the street and took over the sidewalk and the front entrance - which this time they didn't close at anytime nor the windows-, and a bit later Libardi came out and approached Petete and they had the following conversation:

Gustavo Libardi: Your Mexican friend is sending us death threats with your name.

Petete: Oh, yeah? I don't think so because he doesn't know my name. What is my name Libardi?

Gustavo Libardi: Your name is Petete.

Petete: Petete and what else? What's my last name?

Of course he did not answer, he came back to the silence with which he thinks he is confronting us but Petete kept talking with him asking him why he sent people to follow some Anon's after the last protest which was useless because they did not follow them home. thats why Petete said " You don't know where we live but we know where you live, Libardi", which seemed to entubulate him a lot.

A couple stopped at the table where we set Eeveys laptop and played music and videos about the subject, and they atarted to ask questions to Julietta like "Why do you wear mask? At least they show their faces. How can we belive someone who doesn't show their face?", ect. The tone of the questions made it obvious they were $cientologist and they also seemed to have a very strong opinion already formed in their minds. Petete approached them and started to answer their questions, and less than a minute later Libardi showed up in the entrance and waved for them to come inside the org, which they did smiling like the good and happy slaves they are.

Besides seeing other minors inside cult, we noticed one who was working at the front desk with the telephones next to Libardi.

Then Eevey noticed that Libardi was trying to hide from Anonymous by sitting in the hallway, where he filmed them. Eevey also noticed him smile then as if excited that he had found this new hidding place but what he didn't realize then, is that Eevey saw him quite plainly and took several pictures of him hidding and she kept asking him, " Why are you hidding?" (of course she never got an answer) but when he noticed that his hidding spot had failed he just hid behind his camera and his smile vanished.

The cult called the police as usual however the police soon realized who the real criminals were and realized that Anonymous Argentina was peaceful.

Although there were many Scientologist comming in and out of the org, Eevey (an ex-so) recognized a Sea Org member from when she was in. We also noticed that the org had shipped in Sea Org members from around the world to give the aperance of being full.

Eevey played part of the lecture from Hubbard which told the Xenu story and, as what appears to be a result of this Libardi comes out to speak with the police and invites them inside to talk. Then, when the police came out, one of the Loyal Officers warned Petete about the possibility of Libardi comming out to beat us with a stick. Petete told him to do it and then the Loyal Officer asked about Xenu but was called away before he could hear the entire story.

The only possible conclusion that we were able to come up with was that Libardi was enturbulated by us publically playing the Xenu Story. Libardi looked sick, tired and defeated with his clothes looking very worn out. His sweater looked stretched out and old and his pants looked like he had accidently mixed up his pants and his sons girlfriends as you can clearly see in this photo and soon in video.

There were 8 anons at the protest, Petete, Eevey, Julietta, Coco, Core, Iggy, Jess, and Jess's boyfriend.

Anonymous Argentina Post-Game Report (Spanish)

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