Thursday, January 26, 2012

$cientology Violates George Lucas's Copyrights

Near the end of December 2011 an Anonymous Argentina informant inside the cult "church of Scientology" alerted us about the fundraiser to remodel the building (bought months earlier) destined to be their Ideal Org.

We protested on the 31st of December and started to investigate. But it wouldn't have been the same without the tremendous help of our people inside the cult, who continued to provide us intel.

We were given flyers which showed us that the cult had been promoting monthly fundraisers to gather the money to refurbish their Ideal org.

Not satisfied with that, we discovered that they had been illegally exploiting George Lucas's characters.

We wonder if George Lucas would be happy with the illegal use that Scientology makes of his characters.

Scientology fiercely protects the copyrights of its material, using the legal system to censor its critics, but it has no problem in illegally exploiting copyrights of others.

On saturday 28th of January Scientology Argentina will hold another fundraiser event.

We will be there protesting.Join us and help us to boycott this pedophile cult before they get stronger.

Ayacucho 1050
Buenos Aires City
6:30 p.m.

Scientology Expect us!

Special thanks to Petete for working together on this video 
Love you lots and lots! <3
<3Te amo mi amor <3
working with you is a dream 

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