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December 31, 2011 Protest against the "Church" of Scientology

December 31, 2011
Protest against the "Church" of Scientology
Written by Eevey and Petete with pictures taken by L

On Thursday, December 29, 2011  Petete got an Anonymous tip from inside the Cult of Scientology in Buenos Aires, Argentina that there was going to be a fundraiser for the Ideal org two days later. So, we rushed and quickly got together a squad of five anon's (Eevey (me), Petete, Julieta, L, Loki). See the entire leak here.

I arrived with Petete and Julieta with our new sign and a bunch of fliers ready and eager to begin my third protest against the cult; we find L already on the scene.

We get the camera ready and quicker than I realized. Then it's lights camera action for Anonymous Argentina and the director and love of my life, Petete is behind the camera.  

The Org

The org looked like the same dilapidated building it always is only this time with halfassed Christmas decor and as is typical of the org they highlighted their flag with Christmas lights, while I was disgusted to see that the Argentinian flag was still off to the side of their air-conditioner, dirty and torn and treated as if it was little less than toilet paper. I found the display to be disgusting, rude and disrespectful to say the least. "Most ethical people on the planet" eh? I think not. Petete also got a good view of the room in which they lock up people who do not do as they are specifically told to a room the the cult did not receive a permit from the city to build you can see it on the roof of the org on the many protest videos that are currently out on the web from Anonymous Argentina and the shots from this protest will be here as soon as I get them.


I had gone across the street for a bit but I wish I hadn't because shortly after I crossed Libardi came out and had the following conversation with Petete

Libardi: <comes walking out with intense stare/> Just one thing, Facebook says hi <scilion laugh/>

Petete: Facebook? Mr. Facebook? Who from Facebook? I don't understand Libardi tell me 

Libardi: <smiling and sometimes serious/> Facebook . . . Facebook . . . Facebook 

Gustavo, your suppose to be the head of the Cult here in charge of special affairs and public relations but what you said and did with Petete is a major PR flap. The thing is Libardi, just like I told you at the protest, you are fighting against truth and the thing is you simply do not have the ability. You can claim all you want that we have some hidden crimes but the thing is Libardi your neighbors as well as a quick google search will come up with information that is counter to that. 
The simple fact of the matter is that you have lost the game, your "OT powers" did nothing but make us laugh for some hours. So why not break free of the restraints of Scientology and come out to where its free? 
Also why do you need to hide pedofiles (see the full story here)? Think for yourself Libardi, it is never too late.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Right when the police arrive some one from the org dropped a lot of water on me almost as if to distract attention from Libardi as he tried to lie and bribe the cops and Petete crossed as well filming the entire time and is asked by the cops to move 10 to 15 meters away because they want to talk in private but the thing is the street is free for all people and they could have gone in the org to talk in private. So Petete stayed and filmed. :D 

Hilarious Scilions and their Aggression

There were several scilions who were aggressive but we also had some humorous ones as well. We had the lady at the front desk use her copy of  Self Analysis to hide her face and the kid from my first protest who was working the front desk ran from one side of the org to another covering his face with his hands and one tried to start a fist fight while others simply screamed profanities at us. 

The End

All in all it was a good protest and I can't wait for the next one. 

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