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Anonymous Argentina: Op Ideal Org Recon Mission

The 29 of december of 2011 Petete from Anonymous Argentina
got a leak from an Informant
inside the cult "Church of Scientology",
who gave him the news about the fundraiser event
to remodel the building purchased to be
its "Ideal Org", and it’s mailing campaign.

We posted the leak and protested on the 31 of December.
Days later, Eevey found the address of the building and we
decided to go for a Recon Mission.

We found that:

The building located at Sarmiento 1374 of the city of Buenos Aires was the "Societa Unione Operai Italiani", a jewel of the Art Nouveau created by the architect Virgino Columbo and the constructor David Graffigna. It’s a beautiful building with elegant statues, that looks like it has been abandoned for decades and it’s completely destroyed. It's Graffiti shows that it has been squatted. There were Beer bottles littered in the front, broken street signs and closed shops all around the block.

After the recon, Petete and Eevey continued
researching the history of the building, and found:

That the building was protected by the Law
of the City of Buenos Aires #2797 from 2008.

A wikipedia article:

An article from the Clarín newspaper
published on the 16 of April of 2010


Televised Newscasts from Telenoche and TN
on the 1st of June of 2011

Even being protected as a historical patrimony,
forbidding to demolish or change its original shape,
the building was illegally sold, allowing the buyers
to do whatever they wish with it.

The cult already shows blatant disrespect for Argentina
in their Class V org -located at Ayacucho 1050- by treating
the Argentinian flag like a rag, draping it twisted and dirty
over their air conditioner, while the Scientology flag nicely
hangs clean and flat.

If they treat the national flag that way, imagine how they
would treat this priceless treasure of Argentinian history.

Their next fundraising event will be on Saturday
the 25th of February at 6:30 P.M. at Ayacucho 1050.

We invite you to join us in peaceful protest against
this pedophile cult at 6 P.M. to boycott it.

Research and video by Petete and Eevey
for Anonymous Argentina.

Special thanks to our informants
inside the cult for all their help.

More information at:

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