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Leaking From the Cult of Scientology Argentina!

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WTF? Scientology?
Leaking From the Cult of Scientology Argentina

Just moments ago I received a leaking of multiple fliers from inside the Cult of Scientology in Argentina. These fliers showed an interesting perspective of the cult here as well as its handling with current culture in Argentina. First most of the truly hilarious yet depressing fliers were the ones shown below. For a cult trying to pretend it isn't some crazy cult invented by a drug addicted science fiction author they come up with the brilliant thought of using Star Wars as way to raise money for the Ideal Org not only is this hilarious but I highly doubt George Lucas would agree to his movies being exploited by this money hungry cult.

Then It gets worse. That is right! Indiana Jones as if using Star Wars was not enough they went and used another one of my favorite movies. Thanks Scientology you ruined two great saga's for me. 

Then after movie night all the OT's got together on the 9th of July (Argentina's Independence day) to try to figure out a (failed) way to get rid of "suppression" and while they were trying to "shatter suppression" Anonymous Argentina held a protest at the org making it impossible for Gustavo Libardi (the president of Scientology in Argentina) to attend, if he was even invited.  The video of the protest will be out soon and I will post them here as soon as they are available.

 There was also a CCHR protest lead by Gustavo Libardi  the President of the Cult here in Argentina as well as the head of multiple front groups and on these fliers he is even so kind as to give his emails. So if you want to tell him what you think about this global scam located here in Argentina you can contact Libardi at:

or you can contact Libardi's personal email to let him know personally how you feel about his actions.

Or if you feel especially talkative you can call him at: 

(15) 5417-9430

 And what a way to get people than to have a tango dance, for those who may not know Tango is a dance form that has a strong cultural ties to Argentina. This is of course another way to raise funds for their Ideal org.

 But that's not all, the cult has plans to have a fundraiser to "win the race" for the Argentinian Ideal Org and "advance on the strategy for Ideal organizations in Latin america" on January 28, 2012 and I have a feeling they are not going to progress as much as they would like. If you are interested in stopping this cult which protects pedophiles and brainwashes people please follow the links bellow. 

Anonymous Argentina Blog 
Anonymous Argentina Facebook 
Projecto Chanology Argentina
Anonymous Argentina Twitter 
Anonymous Argentina Youtube

There will be news about the Ideal org in the coming days but until then enjoy these leaked fliers. 

Here is a list of contact information that's given on the leaked fliers. 

Phone numbers 



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